Live Wallpapers for Me - Animated HD Backgrounds App Reviews

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Its okay

Its basically work the same as the live photo on the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. You have to hold down the screen for the photo to move. I wish someone would come up with an app that move on its own all the time. Thats what a true live photo is to me.

Dont waste your money

Theres a lot of cool animations and it would be a wonderful app except 1 thing: THEY DONT EVEN WORK! And when they do they really bad. (And yes I have ios 10 and even a new iPhone 7 so there should be no reason for this to happen)

Very good

Wish I could hit a button and see all the wallpapers instead of swiping to the end ..but they have some nice ones ..


Amazing app a lot of choises,thank you so much

Not working at all

Just wastage of money. I want my money back.

IPhone SE

You guys should really try and make it for the iPhone SE. I accidentally bought it and I cant use it because I dont have a 6 or 7. Very disappointed.

Like this app but...

I wish the wallpapers were broke down into categories. (Animals, places etc.) it would make for easier searching


Aucune animation ça ne marche pas !!!!


Search option would be nice. Awesome app.

Pretty cool

Lots of high quality stuff. Need to have some "all" view that shows thumbnails or something

Life wallpapers

I have iPhone 7, the low power is off and the animation doesnt work

Love this app.

This is a beautiful and colorful app.

Live wallpapers

Still new


I love it, keep the new downloads coming

Nice very nice

Something new and different

Great app

Beautiful live wallpaper


Love it! Beautiful and intriguing

Enjoy these live wallpapers

I found that they are good and so beautiful

Dont buy it

I just buying thinking that i will have plenty of wallpapers, they update most of the same wallpapers (months). I sincerely regret it, you can have lots of wallpapers searching on webpages.

Visually stunning

Yes I Love it . Visually stunning . Remember in order to make the pictures move in your lock screen, you have to touch your phones screen and apply a little pressure. I know some people are held back because they have to pay almost 3 bucks. But its worth it - ish

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